Day 3 – Meeting with the Elders

Yesterday, we were blessed with a wonderful opportunity. The teacher we study lomilomi with is Dan Moore, and he studies with a kumu here on O’ahu. We had the good fortune to spend a few hours with Kai’po Kaneakua, a Hawaiian master of healing, over lunch.

Almost immediately, and without us asking, he began teaching. He generously shared through what the Hawaiians call “Talk Story”, and much of the stories that he shared for both of us were actually about us and about what we need for our next steps in development. As we left, we both felt as if we had been given a healing through his talk.

Then, he invited us to meet again in the evening and he did talk story for another 3 hours or so. One message that he offered that we would like to share with you is about personal mastery.

He said, “You don’t learn anything by hearing someone talk or by reading a book. You become a master by doing.” He said he learned how to do his healing work by experimentation on himself. He told us that over his lifetime he has suffered many serious illnesses and healed himself to find what worked. He said that he taught himself herbal medicine by using the plants himself and observing the effects. So, here is the question… are you willing to be a “believer” or a “knower”? How much of what you “know” is because someone told you it was true?

You can only really know something by using it in your life with Open Eyes. You must have the courage to explore and the vision and patience to observe the subtleties to create real understanding, or real knowing.

In our Hawaiian training, that is how learning happens. It is an awakening or remembering of our innate knowledge and skill. It is all about you becoming a fuller embodiment of what you came here to be. There is a song about the Island of Molokai that goes, “It makes makes you more of who you are, and less of what you want to be.” If we keep looking outside, we see everything we are not. If we focus on what is true inside, we find the real and powerful us. We find our inner source.

I Ke Kea Kahi (In the One Light),

Pono and Ha’awi.

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