Day 5 – Ho’oponopono Training on Molokai

Tomorrow we begin the study that was the main purpose of our trip. The following article describes the reason and purpose for this workshop. It was written by the Kumu who will be teaching the class, Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki of Halawa Valley on the island of Molokai. Kumu Lawrence is descended from the first settlers on Molokai and his genealogy and lineage are one of the most pure in the islands.

“Ho’oponopono” means to “make right”, and it is the name of a Hawaiian method of healing through forgiveness of the self and others, a method used not only for emotional trauma but also for physical and spiritual healing. We’re privileged and very excited to study this spiritual process in the old ways and to bring back the knowledge to share with and teach to others.

The article below was published in an Australian newsletter created by Joanna Goldman, called “Kumus Talk Story”, and is reproduced here with Lawrence’s permission.

We will be in an immersion class for the next five days, living in the same house on the east side of Molokai with the Kumu, his assistants, and the other students. We will attempt to post to the blog daily, but internet and cell phone service are weak there.

Me ke aloha,
Pono and Ha’awi

Sharing the Preserved Knowledge with Teachers of the Future
by Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki

From October 7th to 11th, 2011 I will be holding the first Invitational Ho’oponopono Teachers class here on Molokai. Through my two years of traveling and receiving visitors staying with me here in Halawa, I have been asked by many if I could teach them Ho’oponopono. This request triggered me to consider looking for people that would be great teachers of the knowledge preserved by my ancestors.

This preserved knowledge was taught to me first by my grandmother Bernice Kawailani Naho‘opi‘i who with my grandfather Mateo Mollena had hanai’d (Hawaiian adoption) both myself and my older brother Harry Ku‘uipo Aki III, from birth. My great grandfather Pa‘ahao Naho‘opi‘i who was also very important in sharing many things with both of us was instrumental in our training process also.

People like both Anake (Aunty) Harriet Ne and Anakala (Uncle) Pilipo Solatorio, and others embedded and instilled into both my brother and I the need to Ho’oponopono (clear the path, so to make right) to have the ability to utilize our “Aka Cord” (spiritual cord of connection) to all things in this universe. Most importantly, to then have the ability to receive the help of the energy power that is directed by the higher being for our and your usage to help others.

So with this history in mind, I have opened a door to allow this training to take place, to provide the future with teachers. Teachers who have the genuine ability to help others, which this world needs so desperately in this period of time. It is important for me to recognize people like Aunty Molly Tengan, Anakala Matthew Kaeo Adolpho (deceased), and Aunty Maile Pidot, who are all from Molokai and are a group of Na Kupuna (elders) who I have worked with as my spiritual guardians when working with the Molokai Ranch as their “Cultural Resource Management Consultant”. It is these Na Kupuna after the passing of my great grandfather, grandmother, and grandfather, that continued to remind me, and embed in me, not to forget the blessing of the teachings that have been gifted to me. I have Nui Mahalo, and Aloha for these Kupuna and all Kupuna of my past who have contributed to my learning.

It is through words of wisdom shared in Mary Kawena Pukui’s book of Hawaiian Proverbs, Ōlelo No‘eau, that I have grown up with and what was shared on a daily basis with me, that makes much sense to me.

E hana mua a pa‘a ke kahua, mamua o ke a‘o ana aku ia ha‘i
(Work first to make firm the foundation before teaching others) !!!

It is because of the mass of people who proclaim to teach the ancient knowledge of my ancestors, especially Ho’oponopono.

‘Ike ‘ia no ka loea i ke kuahu
(An expert is recognized by the altar he builds)

It is with these words of wisdom that I have decided to train the teachers of the future with the knowledge of Ho’oponopono. So as to make sure this knowledge continues to be available for all, even after the passing of Anakala Pilipo and myself.

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  1. I loved this article!!! Appreciation!

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