Upcoming Classes

Akaka Falls on the Big IslandOctober 27-30, 2011 – Po’ohuna Initial Plus Training
Wheaton, Illinois
Thurs: 7pm-9:30pm & Fri-Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm
Instructor: Kumu Rick Pono’uhane Vrenios
Cost: $395 per person

The Spiritual & Healing Practices of Hawaii’s Medical Kahuna
Staying true to the old ways, the Po’ohuna Initial Level Training is an intensive workshop offering authentic teachings as they have been shared for generations by native Hawaiian kahuna.

Po’ohuna means “Divine Mysteries” in the Hawaiian language, and in this program, we will explore the Hawaiian cosmology. Cosmology is the organization, structure, and relationship of the heavens and the earth based on the Kumulipo – the Hawaiian Creation Chant. Plus, you will learn the spiritual and cultural foundations at the heart of all the Hawaiian arts.

You will learn to work with mana and the elemental energies to strengthen and heal the body, mind, and spirit and build a stronger relationship with the world around you. You will find your personal pathway to discover and know yourself as your own kumu (source).

For Details: http://www.kealakahiko.com/poohuna-1.htm

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  1. Judy says:

    I have been on a journey to find a healing practice that would provide the bridge of where I am to the person I hope to become. It seemed as though as I spoke to various practioners, who were all very good teachers, none seemed to provide that path. So I spoke to the universe and asked for guidance, it answered, loud and clear. Over the course of a year each time I was in a book store, the book “Bowl of Light” by Hank Wesselman would fall off the shelf at me. I would look at it and say, “nice” and return it to the shelf, never giving it much thought. Then about two weeks ago I found on my IPOD a downloaded conversation of Hank Wesselman speak about “Bowl of Light” that I did not download. Hmmm. Then some article popped up on my computer one night about a psychologist in a pyschiatric ward who used Ho’hoponopono to help an entire wing of the hospital. Then I made the connection between the conversation with Hank Wesselman and the Ho’hoponopono shaman Hale Makua and his teachings in “Bowl of Light”. Of course my self would say, why is the universe pointing me toward a Hawaiian shaman and how do I learn this, if it is to happen. So one day I see that Pono is in Hawaii…learning the traditions of Ho’hoponopono! I really am blessed. I found the path that I had been looking so many years. Thank you Hale Makua! Pono, I will see you at the end of the month!

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