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A Center for Healing, Education, and Spiritual Growth Rooted in the Most Ancient Traditions of Hawaii

Aloha Kākou! E komo mai i ko kākou hale.
(Aloha everyone! Welcome to our home.) 

Relax... Reconnect... & Rediscover...

That Sacred Place of Healing & Knowing inside of you
through the wisdom and the beauty of Hawai'i.

Ke Ala Kahiko, "The Ancient Path" or "The Old Ways", is a healing and education center dedicated to preserving the cultural, spiritual, and healing practices of Hawai'i.

We are committed to keeping the cultural heritage strong and pure, as passed on by generations of ancestors through...

* Serving our community with traditional spiritual healing services.
* Seminars, workshops, and apprenticeship teaching ancient Hawaiian traditions, philosophies, spirituality and healing practices.
* Maintaining the integrity and safety of our most Sacred Places.
* Sharing our culture and traditions through authentic Hawaiian Ceremonies, Blessings and Celebrations.
* Preserving and advancing the language of the Hawaiian people.

Our healing center offers skilled therapists specializing in a variety of natural therapies ranging from ancient Hawaiian therapies to modern, popular therapies.

In addition, we provide traditional and formal training in the spiritual and healing practices of the medical kahuna. Guided by the mandate to stay true to the teachings of the elders of our lineage, we teach the classes as close to the "old ways" as possible within the realities of modern circumstances.

Come experience the healing and spiritual traditions of Hawai'i, and rediscover yourself along the way.

We invite you to explore our site, and we will be happy to help you find the right solutions to meet your specific goals.